S&H Campground's Sugar Creek Cafe

S&H Campground debuted in 1968 as a summer football camp for aspiring Indiana high school players, but over the years our property along Sugar Creek has evolved into a hub of family-centric camping and related activities celebrating the great outdoors.

Located just outside Greenfield, about 20 minutes from Indianapolis, the all-seasons campground remains a family operation, with second-generation owner Jay Hine leading the institution into the future. Keeping the lineage alive, their son Lincoln has also been on staff since before he graduated from high school in 2015. Jay’s daughters Lauren and Lilia are also involved in many of the campground activities and traditions as well.

Call our friendly staff at (317) 326-3208 today to reserve a campsite and see how far we’ve come.

A Brief History of S&H

Jay learned the business from his father, longtime Warren Central High School teacher and coach Leo Hine. He literally grew up at the campground, which opened when he was 1, as the emphasis shifted from football to families. The goal then and now: to give families the chance to have fun together and make lasting memories. Jay was his dad’s right-hand man until buying Leo’s stake in the business in 1996; then Leo became his go-to guy. We all mourned when Leo Hine passed away in 2010, at age 71.

Still, Leo’s legacy is apparent in the wide smiles of kids of all ages playing in our 12-acre Family Fun Park, one of the additions intended to update the campground’s appeal, and in S&H’s continued growth. For example, our RV rentals and mobile repairs are extensions of the courtesies we’ve offered campground guests for decades.

Lily, Jay’s daughter, is also now officially a part of the S&H business, adding a third generation of the Hine legacy to S&H Campground’s rich history.

Preparing for the Future

Much has changed since S&H’s early days, and not just on our property. The rousing tug-of-war battles that once delighted competitive youth may have given way to the latest game app on phones they can’t put down, but one thing remains the same: Family time is precious. S&H can help you rediscover the color of your kids’ eyes. Just contact us at (317) 326-3208 to book a campsite or RV rental today. You can thank us later.