For some, camping is a summer-only activity. They love spending hot summer days swimming, hiking, and kayaking at Indiana campgrounds. However, before packing in the RV for the season, consider all that fall has to offer. With it’s chilly mornings, sunny afternoons, and cozy evenings, fall is actually an even more perfect time to take your family camping. At S&H Campground, we’re open year round, and while we love all seasons of camping, here are a few reasons why fall has a special place in our hearts.

Fall Camping

1. Perfect Weather

Each season of camping comes with its own set of pros and cons. In the spring, you’re likely to find yourself caught in the rain, while in the summer you might be uncomfortably hot and covered in bugs. And of course, in the winter, you have freezing temperatures to deal with. However, in the fall, the weather is just right for outdoor adventures. There is nothing like the crisp air of a perfect autumn afternoon followed by a cozy night around the campfire. With the right clothes and gear, fall temperatures make camping more comfortable than any other season.

2. Perfect Views

Beautiful colors are in full view during the fall season, which makes camping more fun and picturesque. Even the simplest landscape becomes a work of art, and activities such as canoeing and fishing feel a bit more special with the foliage in the background.

3. Perfect Activities

Visiting a private campground like S&H Campground comes with fun family activities all year long, but fall activities pack an extra punch. Fall camping comes with apple picking, corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin carving, and Halloween-inspired events. Check out our events page to find a list of all of our fall themed weekends. Plus, as you travel, you’re bound to find markets on the side of the road offering hot apple cider and fresh baked pies.

With its cooler weather, beautiful landscapes, and fun activities, fall will soon become your favorite time to camp. Book your trip today by contacting S&H Campground at (317) 326-3208. Owned and operated by the Hine family of nearby Greenfield, Indiana, S&H is proud to provide an impressive camping experience – from setup to tear down.

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