Owners of RVs often refer to them as their “home away from home.” Although an RV has many of the conveniences of home, it is still a vehicle first and should be kept as such. This means that in order to ensure top performance, it needs routine maintenance just like any other vehicle on the road. The top three indications that your RV needs servicing have been listed below by the knowledgeable service staff at S&H Campground in Indiana.

Signs Your RV Needs Serviced

1. Suspicious Leaks

The first significant problem we often see with RVs is water leaks, which, if ignored, can result in major damage. You wouldn’t overlook a flood in your basement, and since it serves as your home away from home, you also shouldn’t ignore a leak in your RV. Bring your RV into our service department so we can look into any water stains you may have seen on the walls, ceiling, or floor. You won’t want to put off having that issue rectified, whether it is broken plumbing or worn-out seals.

2. Unknown Noises or Smells

It’s likely that if you have an RV, you enjoy being outside and you have developed the ability to use your senses to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe. Those skills also come in handy when you are traveling on the highway in your RV. Strange noises coming from your RV should be investigated immediately because they could indicate anything from an engine issue to a suspension or braking problem. Similarly, strange smells are also a red flag that your RV requires maintenance. Smells may indicate a malfunctioning exhaust system or even mold growing inside your RV. Follow your intuition and seek professional service right away.

3. Mechanical or Electrical Problems

Finally, it’s crucial to leave major concerns with RVs, including mechanical or electrical issues, in the hands of experts. These issues could not only harm your RV, but they might also be risky for you to attempt to fix on your own. Before planning your next vacation, have your RV inspected if you see flickering lights, broken outlets, or if it doesn’t start properly.

In addition to on-site and mobile RV service, S&H Campground operates a full-service campground just 20 minutes from Indianapolis that can accommodate any camping style. Check out our latest specials and schedule of events, and then contact our friendly staff at (317) 326-3208 to join the fun.

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