Camping is not just a warm-weather activity. In fact, there are several benefits to planning a winter excursion including less crowded campgrounds, gorgeous snow-covered scenery, and the chance the cozy up to the ones you love most. At S&H Campground, we love a good winter RV trip, but there are certain tips and tricks to staying warm so you can make great memories, and you don’t end up regretting your decision. Check out these three ways to stay warm and enjoy a great winter camping trip this year.

Winter Camping Tips

1. Add Insulation

The key to staying warm inside an RV is to try and trap all the heat inside and keep the cold outside air from coming in. We recommend bringing an extra thick rug to use as a barrier on the floor to stop heat from seeping outside, and to keep your toes cozy as you walk around. You can also cover the windows with thermal curtains, or bubble wrap can work wonders to keep the heat inside. However, remember to always uncover the windows when the sun is out to utilize its natural warmth.

2. Bake Cookies

One of our favorite ways to make the inside of an RV cozy and warm is by turning on the oven and making some sweet treats. Once you’re done baking, leave you oven door open to fill your RV with the residual heat. As an added bonus, eating fat will give you extra energy that your body can use to keep you warm! Because yummy baked treats take longer to digest, your body will feel warmer for longer.

3. Burn Some Calories

Finally, the whole point of a winter camping trip is to experience the great outdoors, so don’t stay cooped up in your cozy RV for too long. Get outside and take a long hike to work up your internal body temperature. In fact, exercising will actually help you maintain your body heat for longer than bundling up in a blanket would. Plus, after eating all those cookies, it’s a good idea to work off those extra calories.

Winter in Indiana is a stunning time to camp and explore. Get started today by checking out our full inventory of RV rentals and reserving your spot at our private campground. Contact us today at (317) 326-3208 or book online anytime.

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