Fall is here, and it’s a great time to go camping in Indiana. Cool evenings and warm afternoons make for perfect outdoor fun. When planning your adventure, there are some things to keep in mind. Follow these five tips from the team at S&H Campground for a better fall camping experience.

Tips for Fall Camping in Indiana

1. Stay Warm While Sleeping

A dreadful way to start the day is to awaken in the bitter cold at three in the morning. When choosing between time spent sleeping and time spent staring at the tent ceiling, using a higher R-value (measurement of heat transfer) mattress and packing a comforter or blanket can make a significant difference.

2. Pack Multiple Layers

Combining layers of wool, fleece, and synthetic fabrics will help you wick away perspiration and shed rain. Consider packing long underwear, a knit cap, gloves, an insulator jacket, and an outer layer that is wind- and water-resistant to help you stay warm, dry, and comfortable.

3. Bring on the Carbs

A warm, filling dinner can have a profound effect on both your physical and mental health. You can justify your gluttony after all your outdoor exercise. Plus, indulging in a substantial supper can also refuel your body, restore your muscles, and keep you warm throughout the chilly night.

4. Prepare for Wind and Rain

Pay attention to where you set up your tent. If possible, align it in a way that will allow natural structures to block the wind. You’ll have a much better night of sleep if the wind isn’t howling against your tent all night. Additionally, use a rainfly to block the wind and keep your belongings dry.

5. Stay Busy and Active

Having a goal will keep you warm and having fun rather than concentrating on the weather, whether it’s a day trip with the family, rock climbing, or a boisterous game of charades. Being active all day long will not only promote sound sleep at night but will also justify having a substantial dinner.

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