Make Lifelong Memories this Summer at S&H Campground

Summer is the perfect time to create lifelong memories with family and friends, and there’s no better place to do so than at S&H Campground in Greenfield, Indiana. Our campground offers a variety of activities and amenities designed to be the … Continued

A Guide to Family-Friendly Activities at S&H Campground

At S&H Campground, we believe that family time is precious, and there’s no better way to bond than through outdoor adventures. Our campground is nestled in serene nature just outside the bustling city of Indianapolis and offers many family-friendly activities … Continued

3 Tips for Camping with Young Children

Going on a camping trip could seem a little scary if you parent young children. In actuality, it might not sound at all like a vacation. However, our staff at S&H Campground believes that with proper planning, getting fresh air … Continued

Choose S&H for Your Spring Camping

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the weather is warming. Spring is here in Indiana! It’s a wonderful time of year for some great family fun. Opened in 1968, S&H Campground has catered to campers and families alike. … Continued

April Weekends at S&H Campground

The air is fresh and filled with the scent of blooming flowers. It’s the time of year to begin planning for fun-filled spring weekends with your family. If you’re a true lover of camping, nature, and all things Easter, S&H … Continued

Visit the S&H Campground Family Fun Park

The last few weekends of the summer are quickly slipping away, and you want to squeeze in as much fun with the family as possible before school starts. Our team at S&H Campgrounds completely understands, and we have the answer. … Continued