Going on a camping trip could seem a little scary if you parent young children. In actuality, it might not sound at all like a vacation. However, our staff at S&H Campground believes that with proper planning, getting fresh air and a change of scenery with your kids is completely worthwhile. We’ve compiled a list of three expert tips so you can feel comfortable taking your kids camping this summer.

3 Tips for Camping with Young Children

1. Find the Right Lodging

There are a variety of ways to camp nowadays. You can tent camp, RV camp, or even camp out in a cabin and still have a great nature experience. At S&H Campground, we offer all three options so you can choose the best fit for your family. Because you have young children, you probably won’t want to spend the night in a tent. But our RV rentals offer plenty of space and amenities to keep you and your family comfortable. Likewise, our cabin rentals are a great option for families that don’t want quite as “rustic” of an experience.

2. Choose the Right Campground

Secondly, keep in mind that not all campgrounds are created equally. Find one that can meet the needs of your family. Depending on the kids’ ages, you might need to look for a campground with more amenities than you’re accustomed to. Although you may enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors, your children might prefer more resort-style activities like swimming in a pool or playing on a playground. At S&H Campgrounds, an entire Family Fun Park is designed to make memories with your young kids in a clean, safe environment.

3. Have a “Plan B”

Finally, when camping with young kids, planning for days when the weather may not cooperate is important. While you might have enjoyed trekking in the rain while on past camping excursions, your kids might not. Bring along a range of board games, art supplies, and other items to keep children occupied inside rather than making them spend time in bad weather.

With these tips from S&H Campground, you can create memories with your young kids that will last a lifetime. Contact us today at (317) 326-3208 to book your stay in Indiana, and be sure to ask about our specials.

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