In today’s world full of busy schedules and technology, it can be hard to find ways to truly bond with your children. After a hectic school year, you may feel like your kids are growing up before your eyes and you don’t even know them! At S&H Campground, bringing families together is one of our top priorities. So pack the kids up, head to Greenfield, IN, to our private campground and let the bonding begin!

Bond with Your Kids Over Camping

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Depending on your kids’ ages, they might not be too thrilled to put down their devices and spend time in nature. Therefore, we recommend making a game wherever possible. Use a family hike as an opportunity for a scavenger hunt. Before you leave, make a list of things you want to find, like specific types of trees, animals, and plants, and then split into teams. The team to who finds everything first wins a prize! And we think s’mores sounds like the perfect incentive!

Make Teaching Moments Fun

After a long school year, the last thing your kids are going to want to do is sit down at a desk and learn something. However, camping is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills in a fun and exciting way. Teach your kids about different animal species, how to make a fire, how to fish, and even how to set up a tent. They will learn valuable life lessons and bond with you at the same time!

Let Them Choose

Finally, give your kids the chance to be in control. At school, they rarely get to decide what activities they want to participate in, so give them a break from that and let them choose what the family does for the day. Maybe they get to pick the next game, activity, or even hiking spot. By giving them the chance to choose, they’ll feel more in control and excited to participate with the family.

At S&H Campground, we hope you take every opportunity to bond with your children this summer. These are the moments they will remember for a lifetime! Book your trip today by contacting S&H Campground at (317) 326-3208. Owned and operated by the Hine family of nearby Greenfield, Indiana, S&H is proud to provide an impressive camping experience – from setup to tear down.

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