Temperatures in the Hoosier state have dropped quickly. That makes winter camping in Indiana all the more difficult. Use these tips from the team at S&H Campground to keep yourself warm.

Stay Warm During Winter Camping in Indiana

Heat Your Core

Instead of placing a bottle filled with hot water at your toes, as is recommended typically, place it at your groin. Your entire body will warm up more quickly as a result of the heated blood traveling from your center to all of your extremities. This tip might end up being the first one you teach the other campers because of how much of a difference it makes. Just keep in mind to exercise caution when working with hot water so you don’t burn yourself. Finally, be sure to tighten the lid to avoid leaks.

Open Your Vents

Airflow in your tent during the winter is crucial, despite the fact that it may sound odd. You exhale heated vapor inside the tent as breathe. Those water droplets collect into condensation, which then freezes when they come in contact with the cold tent fabric. You can avoid waking up trapped in an icebox of frost that will eventually melt, leaving you unpleasant and damp, by opening your tent’s vents.

Eat and Drink

Because your body has to expend calories to stay warm, frequent nibbling keeps it running. Foods high in fat and protein keep you fueled and warmer longer at night since they burn more slowly than meals high in carbohydrates. Another important aspect of how effectively your body works in the cold is hydration. You will struggle to stay warm if you let yourself become dehydrated. Water consumption also helps to fight weariness. If all of the hydrating wakes you up at night, take a quick trip to the bathroom. The walk outside is worthwhile because your body expends energy to heat the liquid in your bladder.

S&H Campground is located in Greenfield, IN, and is open all year long. We offer cozy cabin rentals if tents aren’t your thing. We also have a lot of amenities available for campers to utilize. Contact us today at (317) 326-3208 to request a reservation.

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