The past few months of life have been crazy for everyone. You’ve been cooped up for months and suddenly, it’s back-to-school time and you realize you haven’t had any adventures with your family! Fear not, our team at S&H Campground has the perfect way for you to safely get out of the house before school starts. Come on down to our private campground with the family and rent an RV! However, if you’re a novice RVer, you may not know which RV to rent. That is why we are spelling out your choices today.

Which RV Rental Is Right for You?


The classic motorhome is the biggest and most equipped of all the RVs to choose from. It has everything you’ll need for your camping trip in one vehicle. Most come with a kitchen, a bathroom, a sleeping area, and a separate eating area. They also have electricity for AC, heat, water, and gas. It’s basically a house on wheels. This is a great choice for families who want the campground experience but don’t want to “rough it”. Also, if you have a large family, this is a great option so you can be sure everyone has plenty space to sleep!

Travel Trailer

A travel trailer is also a great option for those that crave the comforts of home. Depending on the size of the trailer you choose, it can come equipped with all the above mentioned features. Plus, it has the added bonus of being a trailer that you can unhook and leave behind. Because travel trailers can be a bit tricky to handle on the road, it’s a great idea to park it at the campsite and explore the area during the day in your truck.

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers can really take you by surprise. They don’t look like much, at only about 10 feet long wrapped up, but they can unfold to up to 23 feet and accommodate up to 8 people! Pop-up campers don’t typically come with all the bells and whistles of the above-mentioned options, but they are plenty comfortable and user-friendly so they are generally less of a hassle. And, they are much easier to pull behind your vehicle.

Ready to find out whether camping is for you? Contact S&H Campgrounds today at (317) 326-3208 to find out about our premier RV rentals and rates. We’re easily accessible to anyone in the greater Indianapolis, IN, area. We’d be glad to answer all your questions and help you make a reservation to experience the joy of camping before school begins.

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